Applied Scholastics International

Applied Scholastics International

Our mission

The mission of Applied Scholastics is to provide educational services and educational materials disseminating the Study Technology, a novel and innovative methodology developed by Ron Hubbard.

The Study Technology teaches individuals how to proceed to learn and master all subjects with complete understanding and implementation that enable them to achieve their full potential.

Applied Scholastics trains teachers and students of all levels, works with community leaders, governments and similarly-viewed institutions to bring about a revitalization of the education sector.

Practical solutions for efficient learning

The story of Applied Scholastics is that of educators, parents, community leaders and volunteers who have cared enough about the state of education to actually « do something about it. »

Applied Scholastics was created by five educators who found that the educational technology developed by Ron Hubbard worked well in their classrooms and that it could easily be learned and enforced by other people. The Study Technology, as you know now, is the base of the success of all the educational programs Applied Scholastics.

Humanitarian and philosopher Ron Hubbard wrote to Applied Scholastics in the beginnings of its creation :

“It is of vital importance, as you are aware, that the quality of education be revitalized and improved.”
“As Man is as able as he can learn and know, it is urgent that a workable learning technology is available to him.”
Ron Hubbard

Five decades of results

Since its creation in 1972, Applied Scholastics International has opened the doors to give millions of children and adults the opportunity to implement a wide range of effective educational programs. This effectiveness is based on our use of the educational tools and forward-thinking methods developed by Ron Hubbard.

For Applied Scholastics programs, the assumption that a successful education goes beyond just reading, with the end result of passing an exam, is essential. This includes the ability to understand and use the information that is being studied. To this end, we gain the ability to reason and analyze data in order to use them to improve one’s life.

Applied Scholastics graduates

Representatives Applied Scholastics have trained hundreds of teachers.

Due to Ron Hubbard’s educational breakthroughs, when he isolated and overcame the barriers to study, Applied Scholastics, in 2003, created an educational complex at its international headquarters that provides services to educators of all kinds: university, teachers, parents, communities, associations, tutors and professional trainers, as well as the students themselves. Applied Scholastics continues to maintain the tradition of an effective response to the educational challenges of the day.

Today, there are more than 1,500 groups, schools, communities and academic and professional education counselors affiliated with Applied Scholastics around the world. More than 170,000 teachers have been trained in Study Technology and we have helped more than 55 million people in 110 countries overcome their barriers to study, enabling them to become autonomous and successful learners.

Applied Scholastics, in the United States, is a non-religious, non-profit society with the status of “charitable organization”. (Article 501 C3 of the Federal Tax Code) [read it]

"The Applied Scholastics materials and pedagogy are exceptional"

"Every teacher, every student, every school can benefit from this. Sweden needs you, Scandinavia needs you and I would say that Europe and the world needs these educational tools."

Bertil Persson
National Chancellor
International Association of Educators for World Peace (UNESCO)
Awarded Top 100 Educators 2005-2008 by Cambridge
President em. Swedish Dyslexia Assn

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By becoming a member of the association Comment Apprendre you can benefit from our workshops and conferences and help students to succeed.

You can make the difference.


Specific methods developed by Ron Hubbard to enable anyone to study or learn effectively to learn new skills.


We respond to the requests of many teachers, students and parents who have to deal with the problem of the study and are looking for concrete, precise, simple and practical methods.


Learning is understanding new things and discovering new ways of doing things.
To study is to carefully examine and analyze a subject in order to understand and apply it.