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The Association Comment Apprendre (How to learn) regularly organizes conferences and workshops to provide parents, teachers and students with the basics of Study Technology and the philosophy of education developed by Ron Hubbard.

Our goal is for everyone to know and use these effective methods to learn.
We believe that no one should feel excluded from the education system or have superficial knowledge in the areas they love.

We know that the desire to learn can be transmitted, that each child should learn at his own pace subjects presented in a simple and interesting form, with terms adapted to his understanding. We know that every child deserves attention, support, and needs the help they need to flourish (and that also includes leaving him alone, sometimes!)

We know that these effective methods exist. Our dearest wish is that every child has access to these methods directly or through their parents or teachers and can benefit from them.

Our workshops and conferences are designed for this and are a practical introduction to Study Technology and Philosophy of Education.


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Themes of the conferences on the philosophy of education and Study Technology:

How To guarantee success at school

The three barriers to study. Know that there are the only three reasons that prevent learning and progress. How to recognize and overcome them.

How To upgrade a pupil

Know how to identify “symptoms” of difficulties, and find the real errors at the source of the difficulties.

Understand to be able to learn

Why the only way to succeed by studying is through a complete understanding of what you read or hear.

How the clarification of the vocabulary guarantees success.

Arouse the interest of a child

Why and how to get a child’s membership. How emotions are related to actions and motivations.

Communicate to be able to learn

What is a good quality communication? Understand the importance and value of communication to teach, and in life in general.

Morality and respect

What is morality? What are the values on which all cultures are understood? How to help children with these values.


Workshop 1

Workshop 2


We regularly organize lectures, in which a stakeholder presents a particular aspect of the technology of the study.

You can attend (free of charge)

Duration: About an hour and a half

Speakers: They are not necessarily professional speakers, but rather experienced (and often expert) people in their field.

Dates: Different evenings of the week and some Saturday afternoon. Please see the conference agenda.

Inscription: Please register in advance at this address

or phone at 06 14 65 58 82

Registration is free of charge. Don’t hesitate to register to receive our agenda.



Specific methods developed by Ron Hubbard to enable anyone to study or learn effectively to learn new skills.


We respond to the requests of many teachers, students and parents who have to deal with the problem of the study and are looking for concrete, precise, simple and practical methods.


Learning is understanding new things and discovering new ways of doing things.
To study is to carefully examine and analyze a subject in order to understand and apply it.