Our goals for education

If we want to be effective, our objectives must clearly be defined.

  • Have a strong autonomy, be able to learn by oneself.

« Tomorrow’s illiterates will not be those who cannot read, but those who have not learned to learn. ». Alvin Toffler (1970) 

  • Be able to search, understand and evaluate the information.

(« In the new knowledge economy, attention should no longer be focused on the content of learning, but rather on the ability of students to take charge of their own learning. This implies a radical transformation of the role of the teacher and his relationship with the pupil. (Excerpt from White Paper 2017, media group TFO an emergency for the world of education: Adapting to the digital revolution »).

  • Being able to put the information into practice.
  • Be able to collaborate with others, express themselves, organize an activity. 
  • Be able to define, exercise and change their activities.
These objectives are precisely achieved with the technology of the study

Study Technology

The technology of study is not yet another complex psycho-sociological dissertation on education… These are precise methods of learning, a set of techniques that are easily usable and full of common sense. They allow the student to understand a subject, put it into practice, develop it and think freely.

Memorization is not the main purpose of learning : « Learning is not only about accumulating knowledge, but also about developing our understanding and improving our know-how. » Ron Hubbard

"The Applied Scholastics materials and pedagogy are exceptional(...)
Every teacher, every student, every school can benefit from this. Sweden needs you, Scandinavia needs you and I would say that Europe and the world needs these educational tools."

Bertil Persson
National Chancellor
International Association of Educators for World Peace (UNESCO)
Awarded Top 100 Educators 2005-2008 by Cambridge
President em. Swedish Dyslexia Assn

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Specific methods developed by Ron Hubbard to enable anyone to study or learn effectively to learn new skills.


We respond to the requests of many teachers, students and parents who have to deal with the problem of the study and are looking for concrete, precise, simple and practical methods.


Learning is understanding new things and discovering new ways of doing things.
To study is to carefully examine and analyze a subject in order to understand and apply it.