What is Study Technology?

Classroom using Study Technology

The focus of Study Technology is the discovery and accurate description of the three barriers to study. Never identified before, these three barriers are the only reason for all school failures.
Students cannot learn because no one has ever taught them how to learn, how to identify the barriers to study, and how to overcome these barriers.

Study with Study Technology

  • Allows complete understanding of what one reads and hears.
  • Makes any subject of study concrete and alive.
  • Gives an individual progression system.

Study Technology works.  It is made to be used in all aspects of life: school, work, vocational training, personal studies, etc.

all people regardless of age, grade, difficulties, culture.

Student using Study Technology

  • Gains autonomy while learning,
  • Can more easily find, understand and evaluate information,
  • Is able to put into practice what he has just studied,
  • Is comfortable expressing or writing what he clearly understands, and can organize and collaborate more effectively.

In 1964, L. Ron Hubbard outlined effective educational techniques, stating the goal and purpose of education: “Maintaining a high level of self-determination is more important in education than maintaining order,” he declared. Relying on this concept he has entirely developed a new technology to learn.

Educators from around the world have heard about Ron Hubbard’s breakthroughs and started using them in their profession. As a result,a new global movement for social improvement has emerged: Applied Scholastics. Applied Scholastics is the organization that puts Ron Hubbard’s educational methods at the disposal of teachers and educators.

What it can accomplish:

  • Overcome illiteracy and any learning difficulties.
  • Help a student solve their difficulties.
  • Make teaching fun and interesting.
  • Have the ability to implement what you study, in life and at work.
  • Restore the pleasure of learning.
  • Increase progress in study and interest in study.
  • Help family members, people with learning difficulties.
  • Succeed in teaching, training, civic education or literacy work.

Study Technologie in application

HOW TO LEARN has given itself the mission of diffusing Study Technology to any person, group, association, etc. who sincerely wants to advance the subject of education and convey these specific solutions.

This technology can be fully learned in three weeks and implemented immediately. Once acquired, it will not leave you.

We are not here to teach you, others will do it, but we are here to help you discover it during our conferences and workshops.

Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology®, which means knowing how to know – from Latin scio to know, asked that Study Technology be used in all Scientology Churches course rooms. Our goal is to share Study Technology and make it available to everyone, regardless of background, political or religious beliefs. The educational technology presented and made available by our association can be used in all social activities, public and private, out of any religious education.


Specific methods developed by Ron Hubbard to enable anyone to study or learn effectively to learn new skills.


We respond to the requests of many teachers, students and parents who have to deal with the problem of the study and are looking for concrete, precise, simple and practical methods.


Learning is understanding new things and discovering new ways of doing things.
To study is to carefully examine and analyze a subject in order to understand and apply it.