Teaching by L. Ron Hubbard

A person wishing to teach a subject with the maximum efficiency should:

1 – Present it in its most interesting form.

  1. Show its general use in life.
  2. Show the student its particular use in life.

2 – Present it in its simplest form (but not necessarily the most basic).

  1. Adapt its terms to the student’s understanding.
  2. Use more complex terms than the student’s understanding increases.

3 – Teach it with the minimum of ascending (prestige).

  1.  Not to give importance simply because we know the subject.
  2. Do not diminish the value of the pupil or his prestige because he does not know the subject.
  3. Insist that the only thing that matters is the ability of the individual to use the subject and, for the instructor, only derive prestige from his own ability to use the subject and not because of an artificial caste system.

4 – Present each stage of the subject in its most basic form, the instructor deduct only a minimum of things.

  1. Insist only on a precise knowledge of axioms and theories.
  2. Induce the pupil to use his mental faculties to deduce and establish himself all that can be inferred or established by using axioms or theories.
  3. Put into practice what has been inferred in the form of actions insofar as the facilities of the class allow it, thus coordinating information and reality.

5 – Emphasize data values

  1. Inculcate the need to individually assess the relative importance of axioms and theories, in relation to each other, and to question the validity of each axiom or theory.
  2. Insist on the need to evaluate each data individually in relation to other information.

6 – To form reasoning in the individual only according to their usefulness.

7 -Teach where data can be found or how it can be derived from other data, not how to record it.

8 -Be prepared as an instructor to learn something from the students.

9 -Treat subjects as variable things whose use can evolve in importance and which can be changed at will by the individual. To teach that the stability of knowledge lies only in the ability of the pupil to apply it or to modify what he knows for a new application.

10 -Insist on the individual’s right to select only what he desires to learn, on his right to use any knowledge as he desires and on the fact that what he has learned belongs to him.


Specific methods developed by Ron Hubbard to enable anyone to study or learn effectively to learn new skills.


We respond to the requests of many teachers, students and parents who have to deal with the problem of the study and are looking for concrete, precise, simple and practical methods.


Learning is understanding new things and discovering new ways of doing things.
To study is to carefully examine and analyze a subject in order to understand and apply it.